Brendan Eich Got Caught with His Wallet Out Again

April 3, 2014 — Leave a comment


Mozilla’s recently appointed CEO Brendan Eich did an interview with c/net, and it reads like someone force-fed ELIZA open-source Kool-Aid, every political speech since Watergate and the remains of the Dot-Com Mission Statement Generator which, for all I know, was coded in JavaScript (RIP you hilarious but redundant piece of Internet history). The Guardian might have solved the mystery of Brendan Eich’s political leanings, though. Evidence suggests he may in fact be a libertarian.

Highlights of Brendan Eich’s interview include: threatening a world without Mozilla, “you have to tolerate my intolerance” repeatedly inferred using a truly staggering number of words each time, and the implication that Mozilla is the only company that wants to liberate users with its own mobile OS and totally unique cloud implementation.

I’m assuming this will be completely unlike Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Box, and Amazon Cloud Drive; or it will just have Mozilla’s statement on equality and inclusion preinstalled as the readme with every new account.


UPDATE: Well, that’s over, but since Mozilla has been engaging in the same kind of corporate PR and doublespeak as would befit a telecom giant since the start of this mess, we’ll never know what really happened internally. I would like to think that one or both people left on the board realised that someone who displays all the grace under pressure of a spoiled six-year-old caught with his hand in the cookie jar just before dinner is going to be a liability as the public face of any company.

As per Brendan Eich’s empty threats, Mozilla has probably been damaged in some way by this whole debacle; and I am considering re-watching the entire Mad Max series to figure out how to go on living in this dread post-apocalyptic wasteland. Or, maybe, the sun will come up, Google will continue doing what Google does, Facebook will continue doing what Facebook does, and I’ll just do the things I’d rather put off. Today is another day.

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